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Business applications that offer organizations an end to end solution providing the right design and implementation from start to end.


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Cloud applications provide solutions built on a proven enterprise-class architecture that enables high configurability and ease of monitoring.

Time Attendance System

The use of a right-time attendance system can save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors that are often made by wrong attendance calculations. Save efforts, Save time and thus save money with a robust Time Attendance Device with the right piece of software to extract the attendance data and various reports.

We offer sale and installation of time attendance system to enterprises of different sectors in Qatar.

Time Attendance System Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine
Time Attendance System RFID Card Based Attendance System
Time Attendance System Face Recognition Attendance Systems

Security Surveillance Camera System

The Latest and Greatest Security Systems

The Latest & Greatest Security Systems

We have the best security systems for your needs ranging from the latest smart home security systems, easy-to-install wife-free security systems, and economical wired analog security systems to professional wired IP security systems.

Security System for Business

Security System for Business

There are plenty of business security camera systems to choose from where you are looking for an economical small business security system for your retail store or need a professional grade 32-channel NVR security system for your office building or large facility.

Wired or Wireless Security Systems

Wired or Wireless Security Systems

Wired (IP & Analog) security camera systems are capable of recording the highest resolutions continuously. In a wireless security system, cameras wirelessly transmit recordings to a recorder or hubs like our wire-free security systems.

Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

A home security system with cameras will add protection and peace of mind. Choose from a personal smart home security ecosystem with us, a security system with battery-operated security cameras, or a wired 4K security system.

The Best Security System Features

The Best Security System Features

Continuous 4K recording easy remote viewing, unbelievable color night vision, smart motion detection, active deterrence, and listen-in audio, are some of the features.

Door Access Control Systems

Door Access Control Systems A single electronic key can unlock multiple locks and replace cumbersome bunches of keys.
Door Access Control Systems Through the management system access rights can be set at any time and any day as well as specific areas.
Door Access Control Systems The access control system provides access to all operations performed by relevant personnel including a complete audit report.
Door Access Control Systems In the event of key loss or theft, such keys can be swiftly disabled.
Door Access Control Systems AES256 encryption technology prevents technical unlocking making the lock more secure.